ArX Solutions Celebrates 20th Anniversary with Rebranding to ArX Creative


The world of real estate is constantly evolving, and to stay ahead of the competition, it’s essential to embrace new technologies and push the limits of creativity. That’s precisely what ArX Solutions has been doing for the past 20 years. This cutting-edge firm is renowned for delivering top-notch digital visualization and marketing solutions to clients worldwide. Now, in honor of its 20th Anniversary, ArX Solutions is rebranding itself as ArX Creative. Read on to learn more about this exciting milestone and what it means for the real estate industry.


ArX Creative’s success is built on innovation, creativity, and a commitment to customer service. From the beginning, the firm has been dedicated to developing and delivering tools that help its clients showcase their properties in the most appealing way possible. They understand that in real estate, first impressions matter, and they work tirelessly to ensure that their clients’ projects stand out from the crowd.


Hero Rendering Of The St. Regis Residences, Sunny Isles Beach.
Hero Rendering Of The St. Regis Residences, Sunny Isles Beach. Credit: Arx Creative.


Over the past two decades, technology has evolved at lightning speed, and ArX Creative has been at the forefront of those changes. They have consistently adapted to new trends, adding new services to their portfolio, including 3D renderings, animations, virtual reality, and interactive experiences that immerse clients into the properties. ArX Creative has assembled a team of developers, designers, and marketers, each bringing a unique, creative vision fused with the best technology solutions to stay ahead of the curve.


One of the cornerstones of ArX Creative’s success is its ability to cater to its client’s needs. They understand that every project has specific requirements and work collaboratively with clients to understand their goals and objectives. They approach projects critically, analyzing every detail and working tirelessly to ensure clients’ visions are brought to life.


Arx Rendering || Park Grove By Terra Group - Miami
Arx Rendering || Park Grove By Terra Group – Miami


ArX Creative Renderings


ArX Creative has played a pivotal role in numerous high-profile projects in the United States and abroad. Noteworthy endeavors include La Mare Bay Harbor Island, Casa Bella, E11even Residences Beyond, The Residences of Six Fisher Island, Nomad Residences Wynwood, Ritz Carlton Residences Tampa, Waldorf Astoria Residences Miami, St Regis Residences Brickell, TsX Broadway, Brooklyn Conservatory of Music, 1016 Northeast 2nd Avenue, 125 Greenwich, The Line – Neom, The Moon – Neom, Jeddah City Masterplan, Quiddiya, Atlantis The Royal, One Palm Jumeirah, and Battersea Powerstation, among many others.


As ArX Creative embraces its new identity and commemorates its 20th Anniversary, the company remains committed to pushing boundaries, embracing innovation, and delivering exceptional service to its clients worldwide. With its rich history of success and a forward-thinking approach, ArX Creative is poised for continued growth and remains an industry leader in architectural visualization and marketing solutions.

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