Exploring the New Riverside Wharf Development in Downtown Miami


In the heart of downtown Miami, a captivating transformation is about to unfold as the iconic waterfront destination, The Wharf Miami, gracefully makes way for the eagerly anticipated Riverside Wharf development. With construction set to begin soon, this visionary project is poised to redefine the city’s urban landscape with an impressive array of offerings that promise to capture the essence of luxury, entertainment, and culinary delights.


The countdown to a new era is underway as The Wharf Miami gears up for a closing party from September 15 to 16. But the true excitement lies in the forthcoming Riverside Wharf development, a $185 million endeavor set to elevate Miami’s waterfront experience to unparalleled heights.


Riverside Wharf Downtown Miami
Riverside Wharf Downtown Miami (Image Credit: Cube3 Architects)


Recent milestones in the project’s journey, including issuing a crucial seawall permit on July 24, showcase the progress made. While the vertical construction permit is still being processed, the vision for Riverside Wharf is already taking shape, driven by a consortium of MV Real Estate Holdings, Driftwood Capital, and Merrimac Ventures.


Envisioned by architectural masterminds Cube3, the Riverside Wharf’s design encompasses two striking 10-story structures that will house an extraordinary blend of amenities. The Dream Miami luxury hotel is at the forefront of this development, now a part of the prestigious Hyatt portfolio. With 165 keys, this hotel promises a haven of elegance and sophistication for travelers seeking the ultimate urban retreat.


What truly sets Riverside Wharf apart is its commitment to embodying the vibrant spirit of its predecessor, The Wharf Miami. An expanded and permanent version of The Wharf will continue to offer a dynamic space for social gatherings, art exhibitions, and community events. In addition, the development boasts 16,000 square feet of premier dining establishments, ensuring culinary enthusiasts have many gourmet options to indulge in.


Entertainment is a cornerstone of Riverside Wharf’s allure. The indoor live performance venue guarantees unforgettable evenings filled with captivating shows and cultural experiences. A sprawling 12,000-square-foot event hall stands ready to host a wide range of functions, from galas to corporate events, providing a versatile canvas for creativity.


Riverside Wharf Miami
Riverside Wharf Miami (Image Credit: Cube3 Architects)


Riverside Wharf truly comes alive with its expansive 30,000-square-foot nightclub and rooftop day club as the sun sets. Complete with twin pools, this nightlife destination promises unparalleled experiences under the stars.


While luxury and entertainment take center stage, Riverside Wharf embraces its maritime heritage. A private marina, thoughtfully designed to accommodate even the most extravagant megayachts, embodies the pinnacle of nautical luxury. The inclusion of Garcia’s Fish Market, an iconic seafood destination, ensures that the essence of the waterfront is intertwined with every aspect of the development.


Not forgetting its connection to the city, Riverside Wharf presents a publicly accessible Riverwalk. This thoughtful addition weaves the development into the fabric of Miami’s urban landscape, inviting residents and visitors alike to immerse themselves in the scenic beauty of the waterfront.


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